Stranded On Earth '11

by Insight

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Look around me as i search,
for a diffrent galaxy thats unearthed/
Reach up to other planets,
speak to people, tell them about my bad habbits/
Try and make a change in my life, life with a fresh start,
and also try and get my new heart../
That ive been long overdue, get rid of my anziety,
Stress, and all the problems my old heart gave me bless/
The innersoul thats alowed me to take control,
But i know my goal as a whole/

Is to prosper in life, i want to reach the afterlife,
weather or not i become the sacrifice/
Id strive to survive, id thrive to revive,
Id drive till i was alive, coz theres a chance i might survive/
The Haunting mourning that i play every morning,
my recording is the warning, now you've heard it, you hear the calling/
Just moove on and continue walking,
dont get involved in who i am stalking and watching over/
Im the composer, drove over the land to,
collect things that cause closure/
Im the owner of the only solar motar,
fuck disclosure, its time for exposure../
The economy crashed, bankers kept the cash,
death, destruction, radiation, air is pure poison, as the aftermath/
When the rich and greedy, master the forces of evil,
an create a clitch for the needy, took away whats important to people/
I seen it coming so i prepared myself for the bleeding,
im roaming around in th edarkness of the sun/
The hunters are coming, better get out of here,
theese men, cause pure distruction,
Its discusting that they've now amounted to something..

But in the end there the ones that haunted, tried to torture me,
when new world order was just propaganda for the world to see/
its now a savage hell, for only the hunted is to be killed in hell, but im free,
My life aint much, but i give it to you, to set me free,
They are left on there own, with corporate weapons sitting in the sea/

The sky a dark purple, green with as hint of red shining thru
from the chem trails the goverment thru/
Into the air, the atmosphere, couldnt take it any mare,
wearing a scarf and mask because of all the poisonus particles in the air/
There still tryna kill whos left over, ive seen it over the years
Clouds black, that float everywhere, weird shapes, humans have never seen before/

But i see a strange light shining down, starting to appear,
dont head afar,but near, see what i can see/
strong wind and sine waves that you can see, blue and green.
Ive been waiting for this scene, since the day i was sixteen/
Get out of my routine, intervene and make a change, fuck the queen,
I seem the unseen, newly quaranitned, while at the ravine/

movement in the dead trees, as this machine takes away my 3's,
a halo illumination ring, appears around me,
Its just dawned on me, that this might be,
the revival of mankind, thats starting to appear in front of me/
But im wrong this alien aircraft only came for me...
only came for me...
only came for me...


released April 10, 2011
Lyrics Insight, vocals Jessica Darling Produced by The Herbalizer Band mixed by Insight & Gibby




Insight / Splifferation Fife

Insight, Straight outta Scotland, has been making music over the last 5years, has done 3 albums, 2 EP's and a few single relases on digital and cd's avalable in all good record stores around Scotland Avalanche, Underground Sol'tion, Fopp, ect..
Has worked with artists from, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Florida, NY, Germany, and slowly the countrys that i haven't worked with yet..
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